Monday, April 24, 2017
Pinmypet pitch deck

Pinmypet Seed Startup Pitch Deck

Pinmypet Seed stage pitch deck for location and activity tracking devices.
mapme the-deck-we-used-to-raise-1m-seed-round-1-638

Mapme Seed Stage Startup Pitch Deck

Mapme Seed-Stage Startup Pitch Deck This deck was used by Israeli startup Mapme to raise their $1m seed. Ben Lang, the CEO, shared his deck because he knows how hard it is to write one and...
Kickfolio Seed Startup Pitch Deck

Kickfolio Seed Startup Pitch Deck

Kickfolio seed stage pitch deck
Swerve Startup Pitch Deck

Swerve Startup Pitch Deck

Swerve Seed stage pitch deck for word of mouth marketing in social media.
Standard treasury pitch deck

Standard Treasury Startup Pitch Deck

Whilst the full deck for Standard Treasury including the appendix is long, it really does a pretty compelling job on many fronts. I personally enjoyed reading the thought in the appendix as was assuring...