You need to raise some money for your awesome startup, only you need a pesky pitch deck to show venture capitalists (VC) and you don’t know what one looks like?

It’s not all that easy to get access to pitch decks, so I have done the work for you.

This blog is a collection of pitch decks that are available to view online. Some are exceptional (LinkedIn) and some I recommend just for a little inspiration.

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Index of startup pitch decks for VC


Danielle Morill from Mattermark did a decent job on their VC pitch deck. Here are two versions of their Series-A deck so you can see how it changed. It is well worth reading the Medium article below about the story behind their raise.

Mattermark Series-A Version 1

Mattermark Series-A Version 2


Reid Hoffman the founder of LinkedIn wrote the most exceptional post about their Series-B pitch deck and the thinking behind each slide. I can not recommend that you study this most highly enough.


This is the Seed VC pitch deck for AirBnB. It is fairly basic, but it gets the point across.


This is the series-B deck for Mixpanel that helped them raise $65m. For a later stage round, this is very basic and shows more metrics (that earlier stage companies don’t have).


This is the series-B deck for SeoMoz (Rebranded to Moz) with which they raised $18m. Read the below link, there is a wealth of information to learn from.


I love the Flowtab guys because as they failed, they made a whole lot of effort to help other founders and shared all the docs that might be helpful to other founders.
Read about their failure: Techcrunch article about the failure


Seed deck with good visual presentation.

Seed VC deck with a step by step progression to explain problem, product and solution.

Standard Treasury

Whilst the full deck including the appendix is long, it really does a prettyu compelling job on many fronts. I personally enjoyed reading the thought in the appendix as was assuring there was a lot f consideration given to a rather huge task at hand. They adeptly preempt a lot of “why don’t you” questions too.

Read: Blog post on S-A release, and on the bank idea.


Decent deck to explain a fairly complicated fintech startup.


In the spirit of the open culture at buffer they released their pitch deck. The deck is fine, but the detailed blog below is worth a read.


This is a pretty decent deck that Buzzfeed used to raise their seed round  in 2008.


Everyone has heard of Foursquare, here’s the deck they used to get started.




Acme Power


Web based presentation
Piccsy startup


Web based presentation
Speakeasy startup










Daily Hundred








300 Milligrams










Wunsch Brautkleid

The Knot


Peter Thiel


This is the original pitch deck to First Round Capital which was funded to focus on generalised cloud services, before pivoting to focus on Adtech.


This is Youtube’s pitch deck to Sequoia which was released in a legal proceeding. Its is pretty basic with only 10 slides. In it I have also included 3 stats slides which were not in the original deck.


This is the deck from Israeli mapping startup which raised $1m. Ben Lang shares some of his learnings here:


Here’s the slide deck the MySQL team used to raise its $16 million Series B round back in 2003, ultimately selling it to Sun Microsystems for $1 billion. In this B round the MySql pitch deck helped them raise $16m from Benchmark Capital and Index Ventures.


There are not many SaaS products that you unanimously hear positive feedback about. Intercom happens to be one of them. I just stumbled upon Intercom pitch deck and happy to share it with you.

Now, the deck is not exactly pretty! It’s 8 slides and the only images are the company’s logo and snippet of a tweet from Jason Fried saying he loves the idea (Basecamp). Irrespective of this, they eventually were able to raise a $600k convertible with it.


Mandae is a a São Paulo, Brazil-based logistics startup which raised in March-2014. They raised from Kima Ventures (Great guys, well Vincent Jacobs for sure), Hans Hickler (the ex-CEO of DHL Express USA) and other angel investors. They ship stuff. They aren’t the first to come up with the idea, but the world is a big place. With this deck they were able to raise $200k. Now these guys are based in Brazil, being in an emerging market, raising $$ is not all that easy. It’s not a bad deck and they have shared their numbers/forecasts (which isn’t typical).

They mentioned this, which I encourage other founders to replicate in kind:

It’s far from perfect, but we decided to share this so that other entrepreneurs (especially Brazilian ones) can have another useful reference. Please feel free to download and share!


SaaS startups you are in luck. We are very fortunate to get access to a truly fab deck. It’s from an email management company called Front. They just raised $10m from Social Capital and some angels (Including the founder of Slack).

It’s the first time I have taken notes of how a deck is structured and picked up some handy tips. I highly recommend checking it out!

You can read about the deck here: She shares some good feedback and lessons learned from the experience.

Thrive Global


If you want to see a deck a celebrity uses to raise a $7m series A, look no further. This is a C- deck at best but it apparently ‘worked.’

This is the deck Arianna Huffington used to raise from Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Jack Ma’s venture fund Blue Pool Capital, Greycroft Partners, Bridgewater founder and CEO Ray Dalio, and tech entrepreneur Sean Parker, among others. They needed a lot of deep-pocketed people to fill the round, just saying.

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Pitch deck collection from funded startups
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